What should we bring to a consultation?

You should bring all the necessary medical documents. For simulations like a CT scan or MRI you should bring a disc with the scan on it.


How much does a private consultation cost?

The price of a consultation is 1200 NIS, half the price for a repeating consultation.


Can we get a refund for the consultation from private insurance companies?

Yes, but you should review the policy you bought or consult with an insurance agent.

Can we get a consultation through our HMO's completing insurances?

Yes, members of Meuhedet and Leumit can get a consultation through their HMOs' completing insurances.

Does a post surgery consultation require payment?


No, there is no need to pay for a post surgery check up.

Can we get a consultation through our HMO without paying?


Yes, you can book an appointment through Hillel Yaffe Medical Center's booking system 04-6304304, you should bring a form 17 for a doctor's consultation.

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