What is an injection under screening?


Injection under screening is done to treat strong or chronic pains. The injection is done in a special room that has a screening bed and an advanced imaging machine.

Where can you inject?

  • Selective injection to a nerv- to subdue pain that projects ro lower or upper limbs.

  • Injection to the patztarien joints- to subdue lower back pain.

  • Injection to the sacroiliac joint- to subdue lower back and buttlocks area pain.

  • Apidoralic injection- an injection to subdue back pains that screen and back pains that don't screen to the lower limbs.

How do you know where to inject?

I have to reach a certain diagnosis regarding the origin of the pain by asking the patient about symptoms, a thorough examination and an imaging examination like MRI.


How is the injection process done?

The patient lies on the screening bed. A sterile washing is done to the area that will be injected. Under the screening I find the anatomic structure into which I wish to inject. I perform a local anesthesia of the skin in the area that will be injected. Using a gentle needle and under the screening I reach the joint or the nearness of the nerv we wish to anesthetize. I inject a contrast medium and under the screening make sure that the needle is in the optimal place. I inject a local long range anesthetic substance with steroids.

What should I expect?

The injection causes minimal pain (the same pain as extracting blood from the arm). It is possible that a hematoma will appear in the injected area but it should disappear in 7-10 days. The injection contains local long term anesthetic and so right after the procedure there will be an immediate immprovement in the pain and if the selective injection was to the root there are high chances that the lag will "fall asleep". This sensation of "falling asleep" passes after a few hours. The steroids are strong anti infection substances and begin working a few days after the injection and so improvement is expected a few days after the procedure.

Can I do the injection again?

Yes, the injection can be done again if there is need for it. If it didn't help at all I usually don't repeat it (I assume that we are treating the wrong pathology ar that we should take a more aggressive approach to treat the pain). If the injection was effective for a long time- a few months then there is no reason not to repeat it. If the injection was effective for a short time- afew weeks we can either repeat it or perform a surgery to ease the pains.

What is the logic behind selectively injecting to the nerv?

The injection is designed to subdue strong pains that project to a limb due to Disc Herniation. Disc Herniations are usually absorbed by the body (the body digests the herniated disc). This process can take a long time- up to a year. There is a need in subduing the pain projected to the leg, subduing it will give the body time to digest the herniation and so spare the patient a surgery to remove the herniated disc.

What are the success rates of injecting to the nerv under screening?

The injection has 87 percent success rates in reducing the pain projected to the limb caused by Disc Herniation for a short period of time. 60 percent success rates in subduing the pain for a long period of time.
In 60 percent of the cases this injection replaces a Disc HErniation removal surgery.

What are the risks of injection under screening?

The injection is almost riskless. There can be an allergic reaction to the substance injected which is why I ask the patients if they have any known allergies. Apart from that the rest of the complications like infection cerebrospinal fluid leak, bleeding are so rare that an exact statistic is unavailable.

Should I stop taking blood thinners before the injection?

Yes, you should stop taking blood thinners before the injection. For additional information please consult a doctor.

How long does the injection take?

Fifteen minutes to half an hour per injection.

Can I go home after the injection?

certainly, after the injection you wait for fifteen minutes to make sure that there is no allergic reaction to the injected substance and after that you can go home. If the selective injection was to the nerve, the leg could lose sensation for a while and so driving is forbidden for a few hours and bringing someone with you to the injection is recommended.

Is taking a leave from work required after the injection?

No there is no need to take a special leave to have the injection.

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