A charming doctor, great personality, very professional, I had back pains for years that suddenly worsened, I came to the emergency ward in Hillel Yaffe, where I met with Dr. Behrbalk, he saw a serious problem staright away, performed a surgery on me and now I've gone back to normal, many thanks to the wonderful Dr. Behrbalk.

Usman Fuad, Tamra


For years I suffered from severe pains in my neck that paralized me badly and hurt my quality of life until I came to Dr. Behrbalk who accuratley diagnosed and performed an operation on me. Today a year and a little later I'm feeling as good as new.

Simhi Aaron, Even Yehuda


Dr. Behrbalk Eyal! From the initial tests and explanation of my situation, the options I have and a detailed explanation of the treatment process, everything was done and explained kindly, in a very humane manner, in a nice friendly conversartion. Your professionalism combined with your calming welcoming personality, made it much easier for me to chose to have the treatment, which is not simple, wholeheartedly. I am not young, and have encountered quite a few doctors, But I have never recieved such a treatment. How great it is for you there in Hillel Yaffe Hospital, to have such a humane professional among you.

Yehoshua Vered, Zichron Ya'akov


Dr. Behrbalk is a surgeon that specialized in spinal surgeries - a very sensitive part of our body hence requires great skill but also requires gaining the patients trust. Dr. Behrbalk has explanatory skills that allow his patient to be calm when he recieves all the information at eye level, warmly and with a high level of professionalism. Dr. Behrbalk is a doctor that brings honour to his profession. The surgery he performed on me was successful and his accompanying was impeccable.

Michael Amnon, Hofit


I have been suffeing from back problems for years. I was worried about having such an intrusive and complicated proceedure. The Hillel Yaffe Hospital staff lead by Dr. Behrbalk Eyal accompanied me through the entire process. Dr. Behrbalk treated me and performed a surgery on my neck and back, thank you so much for the professional devoted treatment.

Pelech Shimon Dan, Or Akiva


1. A fantastic doctor, clearly explains the problem and recommends a solution. 2. Kind, nice and likeable. Meeting with him is very comfortable. I would like to thank him for the devoted treatment that helped me get back on my feet.

Dafna Bloom, Hadera


Since the surgery Dr. Behrbalk performed on me I'm feeling great back to being a person who can do everything and once again sincerely thank you for your devoted treatment

Dani Shabtai, Hadera


Dr. Behrbalk Eyal is first and foremost a person who speaks at eye level and doesn't rush into performing a surgery shares everything with the family including his doubts. A man who captivated my family and I with his humane approach. In addition he is available at every hour to any inquiries. Dr. Behrbalk is also an expert in deciphering MRI and CT with great expertise performed a difficult surgery on me when I have already been through 8 !!! back surgeries 30 years ago. At first he was a little hesitant but when it turned out that there was no other choice he performed the surgery artfully. With a wide smile came to notify my family that it all went well. In short the best!!!! I highly recommend to anyone suffering to go and consult with him before making any move. This man is truly a professional

Stienberg Yaacov


I'd like to note with great appreciation doctor Behrbalk as a doctor who is first and foremost professional ! and also humane and caring. Last december I woke up one day with terrible pressure felt through out my left hand that was indescribably painful. The MRI showed that i had a neck disc herniation which caused the pain, Every day seemed to last forever. I took dozens of strong narcotic pain killers and nothing helped. I went to almost ten well known doctors in Israel who saw my problem and told me without hesitation that I need a surgery ! Until I came to a doctor in Hillel Yaffe Hospital doctor Behrbalk a person who is truly not only a doctor ! You sit with him and speaking to you is a humane person with a big smile, calming voice, induces confidence professionalism and care. You don't feel like you are just another number in a line. He told me again and again wait! It will pass I promise you. Don't rush into a surgery. Eventually I suffered 3 long excruciating months with this horrible pain in my hand. All the while I'm keeping in touch with Dr. Behrbalk on weekly basis through his personal phone number which he gave me without hesitaion. Every time he calmed me and immediatly remembered who I am. Makes time to talk to me even though he is very busy. Never rushes me. Is determined and makes me determined, in this abyss, to bite my lips and wait. If not for him I would have had a completely unnecessary surgery ! I truly hope I will not experience this pain again in the future. If I'll ever need a surgery I will go only to Dr. Behrbalk without thinking twice. You finally see a doctor devoted to his patients, fikkled with excitement and motivation to orthopedy and loves what hew does. Truly helpes people and works in the most level-headed and professional way. Good luck to everyone and lots of health! Enjoy life:-)

Keren Gavriel


Doctor Eyal Behrbalk is a spinal surgeon of the finest kind/excellent surgeon, proffessional, has hands of gold, very nice, attentive and caring, escorts you even after the surgery through the recovery process. Every person I met who also knows Doctor Eyal Behrbalk complements him greatly. A gifted doctor, angel and keep doing what you doand stay healthy.

Yoram Abargil


I would like to recommend Dr. Behrbalk who operated on my Cervical Radiculopathy. Dr. Behrbalk explained the whole surgery process explained the risks and about the rehabilitation process. The surgery went well with the escort of Dr. Eyal Behrbalk through the recovery process and it was all done with great respect I'd be happy to share with anyone who's hesitating stay healthy everyone.

Noga Rotem


A charming doctor who gives his full attention to his patient explaines everything patiently and thoroughly answered all the questions with great proffessionalism and patiens highly recommended as a person and a doctor.

Sarit Blach


Right in our first meeting, Doctor Behrbalk explained to me my situation accurately according to the exams, made sure to calm me down, was gentle and in general just made me feel secure with his professionalism and experience, despite his young age. Even the surgery method he suggested was different and more advanced than the surgery methods previous doctors I have met with suggested. The surgery was successful and despite my initial concerns, today I am a new person. Thank you doctor behrbalk for saving my life with such great professionalism. If I could, I would have given even more than five stars. Itzhak Kodman from Ramat Hasharon.

Kudman Itzhak


Dr. Eyal Behrbalk. I fractured a vertebra 4 months ago. Something like that disrupts life completly. But then you recieve a gift. You discopver a great person. Someone who gives you confidence in such a real way and when suddenly life turned upside down for me there was Eyal. As a doctor I think. No. I know you are an angel dressed in white. 4 months after the injury I live my life almost painlessly and I have gone back almost competly to my everyday way of living. A person. Doctor and angel who is a gift to whoever needs him. Our most sincere thanks. Tzahi and Osnat Gal.

Tzahi Gal


Dr. Eyal Behrbalk I highly recommend such a humane and special doctor. Explains patiently and calms his patients and always smiles. I had a tough spinal stenosis surgery and right after the surgery I was able to walk and I feel better with every day that passes. Thank you so much for everything Dr. Eyal Behrbalk. God bless you !

Yehudit Ben David


I came to Dr. Behrbalk after hearing many recommendations about his professionalism. I had severe spinal stenosis in three vertebras and that made me unable to function when I had the surgery a few hours after recovery I was able to walk painlessly. Ii is important to mention that before and after the surgery I was accompanied by doctor Behrbalk's staff, they answered every question, calmed and supported me which made me feel safe

Suzana Harari


Recently I have gone through a spinal surgery in Hillel Yaffe hospital. There are no words I can use to describe how I'm feeling today a month after the surgery. The treatment I recieved right from the first meeting with Dr. Eyal Behrbalk was outstanding. The thorough inspection, the empathy I recieved, all gave me the confidence to go through the surgery. After roughly half a year in which I could barely walk, I began a new life. I wish for every patient should they need to have a surgery related to spinal injuries in the future, to "fall" on a doctor like Dr. Eyal Behrbalk. In my age of 80, I'll wish for myself only doctors like him should I need any medical proceedure.

Sagi Dan


A professional specialist doctor who is humane and caring towards his patients I find him a joyful person good luck 👍

Abu Ata Yosef


A year and a half ago I was hospitalized due to back pains that were worsening quickly. After meticulous examinations at the internal medicine ward in Hillel Yaffe they discovered I had multiple myeloma. On that same day Dr. Behrbalk Eyal came to me and calmly explained the severity of the situation in my upper spinal vertebras. He requested to have a meeting with my whole family. Early the next day he explained the situation usind a spinal model infront of my whole family. We have all been charmed from the knowledge simplicity and confidence he exhibited. He had the patience to answer all the questions that were asked. despite all the risks he warned me about I decided whole-heartedly and with my family's support to sign amnd have the surgery. For nine hours with determination and skill he managed to restore my spine using implants. It's important to note that after doing such a hard job he found the time to go and calm my family and check up on my recovery. I have no words to describe how he came early in the morning every day to cheer me up in the orthopedic ward. The rehabilitation was quick and the exercises helped deal with the pains without medication. Now I can walk erect for long distances and swim freely in the sea all thanks to the doctor and artist Behrbalk Eyal!!!

Sharabi Yeffet


Reliable professional treatment, very kind, nice, in short everything that was promised to me came true and today after the surgery I'm very satisfied and back to living as I used to.

Sharon Yehoshua


When I came to Dr. Behrbalk after a warm recommendation from my family doctor, I was in a situation where I couldn't stand erect, stand up and walk without a cane (total dysfunction!). After tests and a diagnosis of the problem I had a successful surgery performed on me by the professional hands of Dr. Behrbalk and after 4 days I stood up and could walk without the cane. I would like to mention that through the whole process and in all of our meetings Dr. Behrbalk listened to my complaints and changes in situation, with great patience and professionalism. I'd like to express my and my family's appreciation and to thank Dr. Behrbalk for the great treatment I recieved. Well done!

Kinan Haim


Dr. Behrbalk performed an ACDF type surgery on me in two hights and with splinters. The surgery was successful and the recovery process is advancing better and easier than I thought. Dr. Behrbalk is an excellent doctor, warm, attentive, caring and treated me with great personal attention as if I came to him privately (I came through HMO Clalit). Accompanies me personally during the recovery process and even called my personal cellphone to ask about my well being after I was released from the hospital. All the words in the world are not enough to describe my gratitude and satisfaction from his devoted treatment before during and after the surgery. Highly recommended

Orly Azulai


A great back surgery specialist, professional, thorough, patient and just as important humane. Was with me through the whole process the surgery and the treatment after it. I highly recommend him!

Zohar Rahemian


Reliable, professional, friendly



I met a charming attentive calming doctor he performed a surgery on me and I was very fond of the personal attention I got from him I could ask questions and I recived calming answers

Malka Neuhoz


Hello. I came to Dr. Eyal Behrbalk after recieving very positive reviews regarding his proffessionalism. I met exactly the person I was looking for someone outstandingly proffessional. Another topic is the humanity and morality which Eyal lives by. I recommed googeling Eyal and reading about him. The guy is a true fighter and a life saver. The medicasl field in Israel should feel blessed for having people like Eyal in it. Avraham Zucker.

Avraham Zucker


Last December I went through a neck fusion surgery in the C5 C6 vertebras. Before the surgery I suffered from my right hand falling asleep and neck pains. The surgery was very successful all thanks to Dr. Eyal Behrbalk who accompanied me from before the surgery and keeps accompanying me until today with great proffessionalism and a warmhearted treatment. I highly reccomend to whoever suffers from an issue related to the spine to go to an appointment and to recieve a devoted and very proffessional treatment from the no.1 doctor. Thank you so much for everything.

Rotbert Oshry


6/6/17 My thanks and appreciation to doctor Behrbalk Eyal on 11.11.14 I had a work accident (fell on my back) and I suffered from severe pains, couldn't sit, bend down and could barely walk, every act I had to perform was a projectg in itself. I consulted a number of doctors and none of them could find a solution to my pains until thankfully I met Dr. Behrbalk Eyal. After a meeting with Dr. Eyal Behrbalk he explained to us the situation with great patience and to us what he recommended doing... It was decided that I should have a surgery to reduce pressure from the spinal tenosis. On 31/3/16 Dr. Behrbalk Eyal performed the surgery on me at Hillel Yaffe. The surgery was very successful, during the hospitalization Dr. Behrbalk made sure to come all the time and ask if I and the other patients are feeling well, even after I was released he kept in touch with me. So dear Dr. Behrbalk thank you for doing this important great work, thank you for answering every question and hesitation, thank you for the warmth, giving, patience, thank you for cheering me up every chance you had, a big thank you for being there for me through the whole process (up until now) they say it is not enough to just study medicine... you also need to be humane and that's what makes you such a special doctor and person like no other. we sincerely thank you for the dedicated treatment and all the care, respect and appreciate the Danino family.

Danino David


Discovered I had too many lymph nodes. After consulting the best experts who diagnosed me incorrecty and were wrong. Thanks to the angel Behrbalk I was diagnosed correctly with lymphoma cancer. All thanks to his fantastic diagnosis. I suffered for two years and he was the only one who diagnosed me. I don't have enough words to thank him.

Tomer Lahav


Dr. Behrbalk was very professional and he invested a lot of time explaining everything to my wife and I and presented all the treatment options. At the end I chose him as my surgeon and I do not regret that choice for even a moment- Dr. Behrbalk you've made me into a new person!!! Thanks to you my pains are gone, I can walk again, and I got my life back... You are a doctor a surgeon and a person of the finest kind!!!

Amir Aron


About a month and a half ago I came to the emergency ward in Hillel Yaffe Hospital with severe pains in my right foot, after an initial meeting with Dr. Behrbalk I was diagnosed with a severe disc herniation and damage in the nervous system of my right foot and it was all diagnosed by him just by the eye without any tests, it's worth mentioning that I have never previously suffered from disc herniation, Dr. Behrbalk explained to me that I must have an emergancy surgery and after hearing this I cried and became hysteric, he calmed me and introduced me to other patients in the ward that went through the same surgery and that calmed me down, an amazing man that I liked right from the first meeting and that was with me through the whole process making sure I was calm and telling me it'll be alright, of course I had the surgery and the next day I could stand on my own feet and felt like a new person, I couldn't believe how well the surgery went, with a thorough loving approach and lots of care, he gave me back my life without pain and with fast recovery, I was never treated by such a caring humane doctor before, highly reccomend this special person and I'm gkad he was the one who did my surgery

Hilla Levi


Dr. Behrbalk- our angel. I came to him after coming to Hillel Yaffe Hospital and he treated me with great kindness and explained to me in detail the process of the surgery I needed to gp through and calmed me in every way possible. I came to him for my neck surgery , which went well, all thanks to his golden hands. We highly recommend him with a lot of love.

Efraim cahalon


I'd like to whole-heartedly thank doctor Eyal Behrbalk for the surgical operation that gave me back my previous life quality before the surgery I suffered from severe pains... in my right leg and no medication helped.. until I came to the angel doctor Eyal Behrbalk and after an MRI it was decided that I should have a surgery and doctor Eyal Behrbalk patiently and calmly explained the proccess to me and today I got back my previous life quality... I thank him greatly... I'm honored to have met doctor Eyal Behrbalk truly he is an angel that gave me back my quality of life and after the surgery I cma eto doctor Eyal BEhrbalk for a check-up and I recieved an explanation regarding preservational treatment and his attitude towards his patients is always excellent...

Ofir Bernas


I suffered from terrible back pains, when I came to the emergency they performed a C.T and the orthoped there said that I don't have any fractures and that those are just muscle aches and all I need is to apply a soothing paste. The pains continued and I decided to consult a specialist, luckily I came to Dr. Behrbalk Eyal. He immediately noticed I have 6 fractured vertebras, advised to first operate on 4 vertebras and then after recovery he will examine and see if another operation is needed. After this consultation I had the surgery done. After a month and a half there has been a significant improvement with the pains, and Dr. Behrbalk said that there is no need for an additional operation since the fractures are healing well. A year later I thank God for bringing me this angel. Today there are no pains, no pain killers, I can perform all my daily tasks easily and I even dance wearing heels. Thank you Dr. Behrbalk for being there at the right time and place for me.

Bella Elis


Professional, humane, explained everything in detail, available for every question, calming. A perfect doctor in every way. And the most professional there is. Thank you so much for everything.

Asaf Dambinski


I'd like to thank Dr. Behrbalk Eyal for the devoted and professional treatment for the personal attention you are an angel thank you for everything may God keep you safe.

Ofer Hori


After suffering for a few years I found my saving angel. Right in our first meeting he consulted and and gave a detailed explanation of the solution to my problem. He performed the surgery in a unique method that only he does in Israel. I came out from the surgery as good as new. Even after the surgery he keeps checking on his patient.

Erwin Abramovich


A professional, dependable, humane and warm doctor. He does his work with great professionalism. Induces security and care. On a personal note- he saved my husbands life. Seeing my husbands situation, he explained to us clearly that a surgery is urgently necessary. After the surgery he kept in touch with us until my husband was released from the hospital. Thanks to Dr. Behrbalk my husband feels great and does not suffer from pains any more. We wish for Dr. Behrbalk to be healthy and to continue doing great work.

Shoshi Zacken


I had a surgery performed on me on Sunday 30/4/17 in Hillel Yaffe Hospital by Dr. Eyal Behrbalk. The treatment I recieved from Eyal before and after the surgery was incredible, humane, considering and full of interest. He asked, reccommended, directed and consulted in every opportunity, especially after the surgery. Five days after the surgery and I'm feeling great health-wise. I feel a wholehearted apperciation for Dr. Eyal. May there be many doctors like him and may they all be blessed..

Sura Khaled


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