Born in Israel, lives in Even-Yehuda.

Professional Development

2018-Today   Head of Orthopedic Department, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, Israel.

2015-2018      Director of the Spinal Surgery Center, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, Israel. 
2014-2015      Consultant, The Centre for Spinal Studies and  Surgery, Queen's Medical Center, Nottingham England.
2012-2014      Fellowship in Complex Spine Surgeries, Queen's Medical Center, Nottingham, England.

2011-2012      Consultant in the spine surgery unit, Tel-Aviv Medical Center.
2005-2011      Residency in Orthopedic and Trauma at Tel-Aviv Medical Center.
2004-2005      Internship at Tel-Aviv Medical Center.

Additional Academic Studies

2012- Today   PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Nottingham University, Nottingham, England.

2006                A year studying for a second degree in MBA, Netanya, Academic College.


Academic Experience

2015-Today    Lectures medical students, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion.
2012-2015      Lectures student in spine sports medicine, Nottingham University, Nottingham, England.

2009-2010      Lectures medical students, Sackler program, Tel Aviv University.

Management Experience

2006-Today    Founder, CEO, and today the CTO of OGEN-Innovative medical technologies, a company that develops                           innovative transplants for fusing calcium deficient bones.

Fund raising/grants

2008                Private investor's fund raising.
2006                Grant for an excelling project given by Israel's Innovation Autority.

Membership in Professional Bodies

2014-Today    Israel Spine Society.
2014-Today    Israel Orthopedic Association.
2013-Today    British Association of Spinal Surgeons
2013-Today    North American Spine Society

Army Service


Soldier and officer in Israel commando unit (regular and reserve service).  An Honorary commendation given by Head of Southern Command: for persistence, giving medical care to the injured while risking once life and with professionalism, given August 2011.


Hadera Gates Mall, Yehudei Pki'in St 1, Hadera

Herzliya Medical Center, Hahoshlim 8, Herzliya

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