Minimal Invasive Discectomy
Dr Eyal Behrbalk - Minimal Invasive / Endoscopic Discectomy
Minimal Invasive Spine Decompression
Dr Eyal Behrbalk - A Minimal Invasive surgery for Spinal Stenosis
Minimal Invasive Spinal fusions
Dr Eyal Behrbalk - Minimal Invasive Spinal fusions Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar. Anterior, Posterior and Lateral approaches
Total Disc Replacment
Dr Eyal Behrbalk - Cervical and Lumbar Total Disc Replacement
Oncological Surgeries
Dr Eyal Behrbalk -Vertebrectomies / Corpectomies
Vertebral Augmentation
Dr Eyal Behrbalk -
Kyphoplasty / Vertebroplasty
Pain Procedures
Dr Eyal Behrbalk - Selective Nerve Root Block, Facet Joint Injection, Sacro-iliac Joint Injection
Adult Deformities
Dr Eyal Behrbalk - Sagittal Balance Reconstruction
Scoliosis / Kyphosis Surgery
Dr Eyal Behrbalk -
Scoliosis and Kyphosis surgery in children and adolescence
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